Bookmarking Privacy Policy

When you log into MyLane and use the Lane Bookmarking features, our system sets up an account for you. It stores information based on the bookmarks you make and uses that information in certain ways.

Lane does not share your individual information with others inside or outside the University, except that the University may be compelled to release the information subject to a valid court order or subpoena.

What kind of information do we store?

  • Your SUNet ID. We use this to identify your Lane Bookmarks Account.
  • The URLs and names of the links and pages you bookmark.
  • We do not store your SUNet ID password.

Where do we store the information?

  • The information is stored in a database that is accessible only by the Lane Bookmarks software.
  • An encrypted version of your SUNet IS along with meta data about bookmarks are stored in a web analytics system.

How do we use stored information?

We use it to:

  • display your bookmarks when you are logged into MyLane.
  • aggregate to track the numbers of users of the bookmarking capability, numbers of bookmarks create, most common bookmarks, etc.